Liked on YouTube: Wir müssen reden.

So geht es nicht weiter. Wir brauchen eure Hilfe.

0:00 Wir müssen reden.
2:28 Meinungsfreiheit
3:28 Das Toleranz-Paradoxon
4:32 Wir brauchen eure Hilfe!
5:54 Melden, löschen, blocken
9:40 Anleitung zur Versachlichung
13:41 Ignorieren – Die Geheimwaffe
15:58 Aufmerksamkeit ist Gold
17:51 Die Reichweite seid IHR
19:58 DANKE
20:42 Keksempfehlung

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PLANK sent me a selection of their furniture and asked me to make something with it. It’s wonderful to have the opportunity of freedom from clients. My nephew Manuel was up fo assisting me, so we locked ourselves (this was before lock-down 🙂 into the studio for 2 weeks and started throwing ping pong balls.

Our main rule was: ALL IN CAMERA! NO FAKE!
It only took 2000+ attempts. Hope you enjoy!

Direction & Music: Lucas Zanotto
Assistant: Manuel Markart

Client: Plank

Thanks to:
Martin Rattini


Singapore Rediscovers

Look around you with a new perspective and you’ll find magic just right around the corner.

Directed by Fernando Livschitz



Director’s cut visuals.
Version edited with the music from the amazing Reuben and the Dark x AG.

Directed by Fernando Livschitz

Thanks to all these talented people

Nelson Clerici
Iara Mijalovsky
Majo Tabares
Virginia Palacios
Guido Ferraro
Nicolás Holodovsky
Nahuel Alvarez
David Bohorquez
Mario Pablo
Julián Coutada
Ludmila Rodriguez Moreno
Silvina Lesa Brown
Alfredo Amoedo


Liked on YouTube: How to reduce Loading Times for Genesis Figures in DAZ Studio

In this episode I’ll explain why the Genesis figures (regardless of their generation) take such a long time to load. I’m also going to show you a solution to cut down on loading times without having to un-install any content.

This episode was inspired by two users who asked me how to combat the issue, one of which had to wait nearly an hour for the figure to load. I hope this helps explain it.

Written instructions can be found here:

I also have a German version of this video available here:

#DAZ #3D


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