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► Ultimate Immersion V3.7 (Pine Trees)

Music by C418
Andreas Zoeller – C418 – Sweden, but it’s composed by Hans Zimmer

I9 12900k
Nvidia RTX 3090 KP

Minecraft Real Pine Trees Ultimate Immersion – 4K
Minecraft REAL LIFE Grass
Extremely Realistic Minecraft 2022 4K! 4096x POM/PBR RTX 3090
Minecraft 2022 – Complimentary Shaders
Minecraft 2022 – Pushing the limits of Minecraft
Minecraft 3d textures
Relaistic Textures 1024x POM/PBR
minecraft realistic graphics
minecraft raytracing
minecraft 2022 umsoea
minecraft ultra textures
minecraft ultra graphics
minecraft texture download
minecraft 1.18.2 resource pack

Liked on YouTube: Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L: Setup + Tips

Pre-order for a limited time on Kickstarter:

Art Director Lawrence Lander waxes eloquent (well, entertainingly sub-eloquent) on every single nook and cranny of our new Travel Backpack 45L. Don’t have 20 minutes to spare? Below are a list of time stamps so you can skip right to the info you’re looking for:

0:38 – packing units
0:50 – colors
1:12 – fabrics
1:33 – size comparison with everyday backpacks
1:46 – rear access
2:16 – PRO TIP: leave zips at top of bag
2:46 – side access
3:10 – front access & organization panel
4:22 – stowing organization panel for duffle-style configuration
4:59 – expansion zips
5:36 – compression snaps
6:05 – tour de pockets, tripod + water bottle carry
7:48 – straps overview
8:25 – magical strap stowage
9:11 – grab handles + luggage pass-through
9:45 – PRO TIP: tuck away the back panel for better ventilation
10:17 – strap adjustment & sternum strap use
12:05 – on-body access
12:26 – external carry
14:42 – security + locking features
17:46 – Capture + Range Pouch compatibility
18:47 – very important information

In this video, Lawrence mentioned a link to information about our camera and packing cubes. We’ll soon be posting another video that takes a deep dive look at those, so stay tuned!

Liked on YouTube: Fujifilm XF150-600mm lens review – in a canoe

A detailed, hands-on review of the Fujifilm XF150-600mm lens with sample photos and video. Recorded in a canoe
A few notes:
The name badge of the X-H2S is covered with black tape, as I recorded this video while under non-disclosure.
None of the samples were taken from a canoe. I did take photos from the canoe following the recording – in general, canoes are so unstable that, although the X-H2S’s is very good – it’s not really possible to shoot at 600mm in a canoe. Sorry.
The audio blip at 4:30 is wind overloading the Zoom F2 recorder.

Fujifilm X-H2S review:

00:00 – Intro
00:23 – Sample photos
00:58 – Basics
01:38 – Stabilization
02:38 – Controls
03:39 – Focus speed demo
05:53 – Alex and squirrels
06:17 – Paul and birds
06:51 – Breathing, Bokeh
08:08 – Summary
08:57 – Acknowledgements

Alex Beetham took the photos of squirrels.
Paul Marshman Instagram: Instagram:
took the majority of the bird photos.
Calla Heilbron paddled us down the Humber

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Fujifilm X-H2S camera:

Maartech’s video production essentials:

The images used in the video, (including EXIF) will shortly available on flickr

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I am not sponsored or compensated by any manufacturer, I have not accepted payment to review this or any product. The lens and camera were on loan from Fujifilm Canada, but they did not review the script or video prior to posting.

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Liked on YouTube: Makita DLS714 Mitre saw Review

As My previous Chopsaw Video (Makita 10 Inch Mitre Saw Review LS1019) nears 100k views, I found it fitting to look at alternative chopsaw models.
I have started work on a site which has no source of power, so cordless tools reign king on these types of jobsites.
Having the best cordless tools to help you on your tasks that can not only perform well but also help you earn money by keeping you in the workflow as much as possible is growing to be the way forward for all tradesmen who seek professional performance in their work space. Here I show my latest purchase, the DLS714 Cordless chop/mitre saw by Makita.
Any questions or comments are welcome below.
All music sourced from

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Liked on YouTube: Getting Started with the Decimator in DAZ Studio

The Decimator is a plugin that allows you to reduce the vertex count for selected objects in your DAZ scenes. In this overview I’ll show you how it works in DAZ Studio, how you can add your own levels of detail to your objects, and how useful it can be when you’re posing or animating.

I’ve known about the Decimator for a while, but never tried it out due to its high cost, until Jeremy showed me a screenshot of it in action. The missing link for me was seeing how I can seamlessly switch from a low-res proxy object to the high-res geometry when I’m ready to render. Had this been mentioned on the sales page, I would have bought this thing much earlier!

Get the Decimator here:


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