Liked on YouTube: NEXT LEVEL Combat Tips & Tricks You NEED to Know! | Horizon Forbidden West

All the advanced combat tips and tricks for Horizon Forbidden West you need to know! A good use for tripcasters! Advanced arrows fast reload! Instantly freeze any machine from stealth! Crazy arrow and shredder glitches! I’ve been collecting all these tips since Forbidden West launched in February 2022 and it’s time to reveal them all!

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⏱️Video Chapters⏱️
0:00 – Getting Started
0:47 – Instant/Fast Advanced Arrow Reload
1:36 – Reload While Sliding
2:09 – Concentration Jumps
4:17 – Overdraw Optimization
5:57 – Slide Dodge
6:21 – Craft While Knocked Down
6:50 – Smoke Bomb Tricks
7:48 – Lure Rockbreakers
8:05 – Avoid Plasma Blast Damage
9:38 – Focused Shot not Braced Shot
9:53 – Spike Trap Direct Hit
10:15 – Shredder Tips
11:10 – Shredders in Water Glitch
12:02 – Shredders on Ground Glitch
12:45 – High Volley Shallow Water Glitch
13:17 – Tripcaster Instant Freeze
14:13 – Super Stealth Strikethrough Arrows
14:44 – Wrapping Up

1st Song: You X You by Ooyy (Epidemic Sound)
2nd Song: Maharajah by Ava Low (Epidemic Sound)

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Liked on YouTube: MOVE MASTER – Its Finally Here!

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Liked on YouTube: GoPro 12 vs DJI Action 4: Which Is Better?

Nolan shares his review on the GoPro Hero 12 vs. the DJI Osmo Action 4. Watch this review to determine which action camera is best for you!

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⏰ Timecodes ⏰
0:00 DJI Osmo Action 4 vs GoPro HERO 12
1:28 Price
1:39 Audio
2:30 Image quality
5:32 Wide Shots
6:06 Battery
6:50 Quick Release
7:38 Which Camera is Best for You?

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