Liked on YouTube: Making an Infinite LEGO Domino Ring

A never ending (theoretically) domino ring, built using LEGO bricks. Turn on captions for some commentary on the build.

Building instructions:

1 hour live stream test:

The ring contains 64 dominos. A ramp runs along the inside of the ring, opposite the falling dominos, to lift them back up. A Mindstorms EV3 is used to monitor and control the speed of the ramp so that it matches the falling dominos.

0:00 Domino Design
1:09 Designing the Lift Mechanism
2:58 Building and Testing the Ring
4:55 Full Operation
5:42 Simplified Control Logic and Data Display
6:17 Demonstration and Stats

Shout out to @GrantDavis for his awesome infinite domino machine (, which inspired me to finally finish this project.

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