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160lbs ENGLISH WARBOW shoots FULL WEIGHT MEDIEVAL ARROWS at reproduced MEDIEVAL ARMOUR. Find out what happens!

The contributors are all world class in their fields of expertise, armour, arrows, shooting and historical context.

Dr Tobias Capwell – Arms and Armour Curator, The Wallace Collection
Joe Gibbs – Archer and bowyer
Will Sherman – Fletcher –
Kevin Legg – Armourer –
Chrissi Carnie – Fabric armour –
Tod Todeschini – Host –

The English longbow is laden with myth; of its origins, its power, its achievements. The centuries that have passed since it was used in earnest, means that the knowledge of what the bow was actually capable of doing, has also passed. The captains and commanders that once knew its’ true power in physical and in military terms, are long dead. The knowledge is lost and it is time to rediscover what it can and cannot do.

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The battle
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160lbs (73Kg) mountain yew English Longbow based on those found on The Mary Rose (sank 1545). Bow was shooting 80g (2.8oz) arrows at 55ms (180fps) at 10m, giving 123J and 52ms (170fps) 109J at 25m

Distance 10m 25m
11yds 27yds

Speed 55ms 52ms
181fps 170fps

Energy 123J 109J
91ftlbs 80ftlbs

The first arrow type we used was MR80A764/158. The diameter at the shoulder was 12.7mm (1/2”) tapering to a nock of 8.5mm. Total length was 30.5”

The second arrow type was MR82A1892/9. The diameter at the shoulder was 12.9mm (1/2”) and the nock was 7.5mm. Same total length.

The shafts were black poplar (Populus Nigra) and ash (Fraxinus Excelsior).
Fletchings were swan, bound with silk into a beeswax, kidney fat and copper verdigris compound.

Heads were wrought iron, copied from MoL Type 9 7568

Arrows weighed 80g (2.8oz)

Based on the Churburg 14 piece. The reproduction is made from 0.5% carbon steel and air cooled and is of variable thickness. The front and centre is 2.5mm (3/32”) thick and it tapers down to 1.5mm (1/16”) at the sides and edges.

The paper by Tasha D. Kelly on the Jupon can be found here


Mary Rose Trust

The Wallace Collection

Museum of London

Azincourt Museum (Agincourt)

Churburg Armoury

Alan Williams – The Knight and the Blast Furnace

Dr Tobias Capwell, Armour of the English Knight

Tasha D. Kelly – Jupon of Charles VI

„Grand Canyon“ Music licenced from

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