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We have yet to cover Skyrim Animation Mods on this channel, and so I’ve finally decided to make a dedicated video to different move – sets for both non combat and combat scenarios, and showcase what probably the most talented part of the community has created, in order to enrich animation experience for the players looking to further improve their gameplay experience.

These animation mods provide Next Generation gameplay and role play experience for Skyrim Special Edition & Anniversary Edition.
These Skyrim Mods will provide the best possible combat experience with revolutionary move – set implementation utilizing Nemesis Unlimited Behavior Engine and Dynamic Animation Replacer.

I hope you enjoy it, this video was quite a challenge to put together, and thanks for watching!

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0:00 Introduction
3:25 Nemesis Unlimited Behavior Engine & DAR
4:43 EVG Animation Variance
5:50 EVG Conditional Idles
06:28 Sky Idles
07:34 Take a Seat – New DAR Sitting Animations
08:06 Immersive Interactions – Animated Actions
08:57 Leviathan Animations
09:58 Vanargand Animations
11:44 Smooth Magic Casting Animations
12:16 Animated Armoury – New Weapons With Animations
13:00 Archery Gameplay Overhaul
13:23 Vanargand Sneak Archery
13:36 (SGC) SkySA – Combat Behavior Compulsion
14:05 JH Combat Animation Pack
14:42 zxlice’s Ultimate Potion Animation
15:11 Vanargand Animations – Sneak Thrust Attacks
16:16 Outro & Final Thoughts


EVG Animation Variance |
EVG Conditional Idles |
Sky Idles |
Take a Seat – New DAR Sitting Animations |
Immersive Interactions – Animated Actions |
Leviathan Animations |
Walk, Idle & Running:
Two-Handed High Stance:
Two-Handed Power Attacks:
Vanargand Animations |
Walk, Idle & Running:
One Handed Mid Stance:
One Handed Normal Attacks:
Sneak Idle, Walk & Run:
Smooth Magic Casting Animations |
Animated Armoury – New Weapons With Animations |
Archery Gameplay Overhaul |
Vanargand Sneak Archery |
(SGC) SkySA – Combat Behavior Compulsion |
JH Combat Animation Pack |
zxlice’s Ultimate Potion Animation – ZUPA |
Vanargand Animations – Sneak Thrust Attacks |

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