Best Warren Buffett speech

Bear with me as I share a bit of my history that helped me create SkyVu and the Battle Bears games. The University of Nebraska gave me my first job after college. I mostly pushed TV carts around, edited videos for professors or the occasional speaker event. One day, Warren Buffet came to campus to speak to the College of Business. I didn’t think much of this speech at the time but I saved it for some reason. 15 years later, as a founder of my own company, I watch and listen to this particular speech every year to remind myself of the fundamentals and values Mr. Buffett looks for. He’s addressing business students at his alma mater, so I think his style here is a bit more ‚close to home‘ than in his other speeches. Hopefully many of you find great value in this video like I have. Sorry for the VHS flickering line on the right side.

Here are my take aways:

Accounting is the language of business.
For founders, nothing can beat painting your own painting.
Apply the „Newspaper Test“ to all your decisions.
Know and take care of your Durable Competitive Advantage.
Choose your heroes carefully because you will become them.
You are your children’s natural hero, embrace that role.